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If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact the Member Services Coordinator.

How much does it cost to participate in a market?

The cost varies depending on whether you are a member and the size of the space you request.  Generally, only members of the National Capital Artisans (NCA) can apply for a market and get first preference before non-members can apply to become marketers. Spaces are very affordable and each market has its own price structure. Please consult the individual market applications for cost, found on our website under Events.

Does the price include a table?

No, but tables can be rented for an additional $10 for a 6-foot table, and $11 for an 8-foot table.

That seems expensive. Why these prices?

NCA markets are not profit driven and do not generate any profit. All the money is spent on operating the market; for rental of the venue, custodial charges, advertising, additional supplies needed, etc. A large part of the budget is spent on advertising for each market.

Are the shows well-attended?

Yes, particularly our fall shows. The Tradition Show at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, Orléans usually attracts 2,000 to 3,000 visitors. The Holiday Magic Show at Lester B. Pearson High School attracts 1,200 to 1,600 visitors. The Comfort & Joy Show at Earl of March High
School, Kanata was new in 2019 and attracted over 800 visitors to the show. It replaced the show previously held at Sir Robert Borden H.S. in Nepean. The Last Minute Show at Pineview Golf Club was very well received in its first year, prior to the pandemic. NCA will return to Pineview again this year for its Last Minute Show.


Can I sell anything I want?

No. You can only sell hand-made items that you made yourself. Every type of item you bring to a show must be juried in order for you to be able to sell it. For example, if you make candles, greeting cards, and Christmas decorations, but only get the candles and greeting cards juried, it means you can't bring your Christmas decorations to the show. You can only sell the candles and greeting cards.

How does one get their craft items juried?

The preferred method of jurying is by submitting at least 5 good quality (high resolution) photos of each type of craft you would like to bring to an NCA market by submitting them with your membership application or by emailing the photos to our Market Services Coordinator when you submit your market application. Also, if you have displayed at a public show before, one or two photos of your booth display is required.

How do I apply/sign up for a market?
If the markets are open to non-members the link to the applications will be on the Events page on our website. Select the market you would like to participate in. Fill in the application form and submit it, along with your photos to be juried to the Market Services Coordinator. Following the acceptance of your items and application, you will receive an invoice for payment of the market. Alternatively, apply to be a member and you will be given access to the members area and market applications.

Can I sign up for just one day of a two-day market?
No, artisans have to sign up for the whole weekend.

How much does it cost to join National Capital Artisans?
Joining NCA costs $40 for a single person membership or $45 for a family membership.

What are the benefits of being a member?
There are many benefits to being a member. (1) Members get first pick on booth spaces. (2) Members can reserve larger booth spaces.
(3) Your sales at NCA shows can be processed for payment via Square by the Membership Coordinator for a small fee. (4) Mandatory fibre content labels are available to purchase in small batches at cost. (5) As a member, you have a say in the operation of the organization. (6) Twice a year, NCA holds social gatherings which include raffles and pot-luck dinners.


Taking into consideration the difference in cost between Member and Non-member costs, you will see that you can offset your membership fees by participating in only a couple of markets. Members have responsibilities and are expected to participate actively in the organization and in the function of the markets. For example, some will tape the floor prior to the shows to delineate the various booth spaces. Others will be assigned to staff reception for an hour or two during the market. These tasks are assigned by the Market Coordinator and are an integral part of the success of each market running smoothly.

How many booth spaces are there in each show?

The Tradition Show, Orléans can hold up to 80 vendors, depending on the configuration used. The standard configuration allows for up to 80 marketers and ample space between the aisles for easy access by the public. The Holiday Magic Show, Gloucester allows for 65 marketers. 

The Comfort and Joy Show depending on configuration, allows up to 50 marketers. The Last Minute Show at Pineview allows up to 40 vendors, depending on the configuration used.

Are there any special rules/regulations?

Yes, there are a fair number of special rules to the markets in order to uphold NCA's standards. For example, all tables must be covered with a fabric tablecloth or display cloth that extends to the floor on all sides. Plastic coverings are not acceptable.

There are also rules about eating and drinking at the markets depending on the location of the market. In certain locations food and/or drink

are not permitted in the gyms (only bottled water). There are regulations about who can staff your booth or table and when they have to be there. All these rules have been put in place to ensure a pleasurable and memorable experience for our visitors.  Please see the market regulations and the following jurying standards for more details: general standards, fine art and photography, candles, fabric and textiles, floral, folk art decorative and tole painting, food, jewelry, knit and crochet, personal care, pottery and ceramics, stained glass, and woodworking.  As well as the mandatory standards for food and confections; personal care products; pottery, ceramics and glassware; textile fibre, yarn, or fabric; and Children's toys.

Can anyone market at National Capital shows

Membership is open to individuals who live in eastern Ontario or western Quebec and anyone who makes hand-made crafts and produces artisans' pieces can participate in the shows once they are juried in. But there are also quotas on the acceptable number of crafters that make the same type of craft for each show. To ensure diversity and variety of handcrafted works at markets, category quotas will be imposed on marketers with respect to participation in the markets.

For example, in a show that has 50 artisans, we would not accept there be 10 woodworkers or 15 jewelers. This would limit the success of each woodworker and jeweler, and provide less of a varied experience for our visitors. These caps are therefore applied to every show based on the number of artisans participating. The Market Coordinator has the final say on these quotas. The spaces to fill the quotas are, as always, first come first served.

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