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Carole Renaud


Our members benefit from early access to all our markets. Because our members pay an annual fee, their marketing booth fees are reduced. As a matter of fact, the savings passed on to our members offset the membership dues after only two markets. Our members also have more choices as to booth dimensions, locations, corners, double booths, etc.


Members get immediate access to using the National Capital Artisans credit card account. The NCA is always looking for the least expensive option and we pass on the savings to you by maintaining low transaction costs. Even better, you can use the NCA's credit card account to process any of your transactions, whether at National Capital Artisans event or other craft show.


​We recognize that today's artisans are more and more tech-savvy. To help you market your craft outside of National Capital Artisans markets, we are happy to provide access to your own site through the NCA website.  All you need to do is provide us with a selection of high resolution photos of your art, and a link to your site and we'll do the rest.


Born from the merging of the Ottawa Artisans Guild and the Capital Artisans Guild, the National Capital Artisans is the Ottawa area's premier artisans group bringing together well known artists and artisans as well as new talent.


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