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Sir Wilfred Laurier Secondary School

Nov 05 & -6, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

1515 Tenth Line Rd, Orléans, Ottawa, ON K1E 3E8, Canada

We have a great line-up featuring:  

Joanne Atkinson – Jo’s Basement Creations 

Rita Battisti – Knit, Crochet Items 

Melissa Bitar – Floom Home Studio 

Christine Bourque – Rag Dolls by Christine 

Paula Brand – Decor Items 

Jenna Brigden – Decor Items 

Nathalie Brunelle – Passion Bijoux Design 

Gail Burgess – Bramblewood Ornaments 

Laurie Campbell – Writer - Childrens’ Books 

Jane Cass – Jane Cass Photographs 

Clara Champagne – Cats & Crows 

Francine Cloutier – 2 Bags 

Carissa Cousineau – Rouge River Driftwood 

Betty Anne Dawson – B.A.’s Unique Bead Jewellery 

Ghislaine Descotes – Creations GDC 

Edith Dionne – River Rock Resin Art 

Penny Douville – Crystalzs and Pearlzs 

Sharon Dunlop – Charm n’ Stitches 

Marian Fernet – Catpaw Designs 

Lise Forgues – Lisef 

Heather Forsyth – Treasures in Clay 

Jane Gray – Decor Items 

Linda Grisold – Knock on Wood 

Barb Ham – Barbsbeads 

Elizabeth Hastie – Hastie Manor Crafts 

Mary Houlden – Decor Items 

Lori Jensen – Sharp Dresser 

Amanda Joynson – Decor Items 

Jackie Kavanaugh – Maple Weaves 

Pierrette LeFrenierre – Pete’s CoKo Beanies  

Martine Lepine – Creations maARTine 

Huguette Levesque – Glass art 

Ala Litvin – Alise Exclusive 

Geraldine Lockridge – Wood designs 

Angela Moskau – Trillium Hill Creations

Gayle Oudeh – It’s Pouring Art by Gayle 

Monique Raby-Sauve – Tissage Sauve Weaving Larry Reed – Larry Carves 

Carole Renaud – Artist/Painter 

Julie Ring – Marie Louise Soapery 

Retta Rive – Rive Designs 

Jacques Roy – Crafts by Jacques 

Sharianne Saltzer –Sharianne’s Sweater & Mittens Marieanne Schjott – Macartney Farms 

Rick and Dorothy Schyrburt – D & R Designs 

Patrice Stanley – Ephemera Bespoke Handcrafts & Atelier Gail Steenbakker – Fork’nThings 

Courtney Thauvette – Décor Items 

Antonia Valentine – My Favorite – Bows, Bands & Accessories Connie Walker – Connie’s Craft Corner 

Abdul Jabbar – Hello Layers Plus

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