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Earl Of March 2022 Market Application (continue)
(Location: Earl of March SecondarySchool, 4 The Pkwy, Kanata) (Nov 26-27, 2022)

Booth Size
Corner Booth
Table rental required? (Table cloth not included)
Need of electricity? (If yes, please bring an extension cord)
Booth Backing

Please select up to three categories, indicate percentage of each category that are being sold at your table, and provide a brief description of your products in each category.




*Are you a current member?
*For sewn items, are fibre content labels attached? (If not appicable, select N/A)
*For food or personal care items, are all the ingredients listed? (If not appicable, select N/A)

*NCA member must select a market task.  Failure to do the task will prevent you from participating in future markets.

If you are a non-member or have products in a new category, you must send photos of your work for jurying.   Non-members are required to send 4 photos representative of the work for sale and 1 photo of their set-up. Note your work may be rejected if the photos are not of sufficient quality to assess your work.

Please let us know if you have any special requests for example if you require an additional table. 

We will accommodate your request if we can.

Did you fill in all the required fields?  They are marked with a *.

Please double check your information before clicking on submit

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